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Glittered Faux Lemons and Velvet Leaves

A brightly hued citrus centerpiece, piled high with velvet leaves and silver balls, brings sophisticated cheer to an evening of Champagne toasts. The faux lemons covered with glitter are for display only, but lemon-drop candies, arranged in personalized baskets atop each plate, encourage a sweet start to the coming year.

Source: Martha Stewart


  • Single-faced velvet ribbon in shades of green and yellow

  • Iron

  • White fabric-covered floral wire

  • Spray adhesive

  • Silver balls


  1. Cut rectangles (length twice as long as width) from single-faced velvet ribbon in shades of green and yellow.

  2. Fold 1 rectangle in half lengthwise (velvet inside). Press with a dry iron.

  3. Open rectangle, and lay velvet side down. Fold back corners to meet along fold; secure with craft glue.

  4. Lay a piece of white fabric-covered floral wire (3 inches longer than leaf) along the fold on back of leaf; secure with craft glue.

  5. Repeat to make more leaves (vary fold angles for different shapes).

  6. Working on a covered surface, put clear glitter in a bowl.

  7. Coat faux lemons with spray adhesive.

  8. Roll lemons in glitter, spooning as needed over the top to distribute evenly. Let dry.

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