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Smooth Uneven Walls

For the best results from a paint job, repair any flaws in your walls before painting. Kevin Sharkey's contractor, Bob Tobin, explains how to fix a few common problems.

Slightly wavy walls can be smoothed with what Bob calls an "easy skim coat." Apply thin layers of joint compound to achieve a more uniform surface. Each additional coat results in a smoother finish.

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Special thanks to Bob Tobin of BC Interiors, 718-258-8888.

Tools and Materials

  • Taping knife
  • Joint compound
  • Dust mask
  • Medium sandpaper (120 to 150 grit)
  • Sponge
  • Bucket

How To Smooth Uneven Walls

1. Using taping knife, apply a thin layer of joint compound to the wall. Let dry. Wearing dust mask, sand lightly to even out any rough or raised spots.

2. Continue applying thin layers of joint compound, sanding between coats. Let dry. Wash wall with sponge and warm water.

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