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Stamped Halloween Treat Bags

Play with the notion of positive and negative space by layering black and white paints -- in spooky shapes, of course -- on black and white goody bags.

Source: Martha Stewart


Tools and Materials

Stamped Halloween Treat Bags How-To

1. Print and photocopy Halloween templates from our gallery, resizing them if desired. (Or use your own favorite images as stamps.) Use the templates to draw shapes on the flat centers of disposable foam plates; cut out with a utility knife. Use spray adhesive to attach each shape to a square of foam board or corrugated cardboard.

2. Seal plain paper envelopes, then snip off one end with decorative-edge shears to create the opening for the top of the bag. With a small foam edge roller from the paint store, coat the raised shape you created in Step 1 evenly with acrylic paint in a color opposite to the bag (use another foam plate as a roller tray). Then press the inked stamp in position wherever you want the image to appear. If you are layering images, for example, stamping a black bat over a white moon, let the first stamped image dry a bit before adding the second.

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