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Yellow Topiary Arrangement

Bouquets can say "boo" without the aid of witches or ghosts. Take this trio of topiary treats -- a lesson in the power of repetition plus a few simple tricks. Dress up three cones of floral foam with sunflowers and button chrysanthemums above "cuffs" of fuzzy kangaroo paws (Anigozanthos). Their harvest golds will glow like lanterns above the black urns that round out this Halloween parade.

Source: Martha Stewart


  • Three 12-inch-high cones of floral foam

  • Sunflowers

  • Button chrysanthemums

  • Fuzzy kangaroo paws (anigozanthos)

  • Black urns (ours were 12 inches high)

  • Floral cutters


  1. Soak a floral-foam cone in water overnight.

  2. Press wide end of cone into a lined urn, just enough to stabilize foam. Cut stems of kangaroo paws at an angle, leaving about 1/2 inch of bare stem. Push stems into cone around base, forming a collar.

  3. Cut stems of chrysanthemums and sunflowers at an angle to 2 inches or shorter. Press stems into foam, above kangaroo paws, until cone is covered. Spray flowers with water every other day.

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