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No-Sew Applique Curtains with Ginger Flower Print

Source: Martha Stewart


A border of pale-green appliques dresses up sheer linen curtains without blocking the sunshine. The botanical motif evokes the foliage inside and out, and the cutouts' positioning can be adjusted to suit any panel size.


  • Lightweight fabric (we used Indian cotton voile in green, from B&J Fabrics)

  • Fusible webbing with paper backing, Steam-A-Seam 2 Lite (#5324), by the Warm Co., from Backdoor Quilt Shoppe

  • Iron

  • Scissors


  1. Cut 3 squares of lightweight fabric (ours were 26 inches square) and 3 same-size squares of fusible webbing with paper backing, for each of 2 curtain panels.

  2. Lay 1 square of webbing, paper side up, on each fabric square. Iron to fuse, following webbing manufacturer's directions.

  3. Fold each fused square, following our preparing appliques how-to, using the ginger-flower template.

  4. Cut out motifs as directed. Unfold them. Cut 2 motifs in half along diagonal.

  5. Cut the third motif in quarters along diagonals. Lay 1 panel flat. Peel off paper backing from motifs, and arrange them, fabric side up, on panel using the photograph as a guide.

  6. Iron motifs to fuse. Repeat on second panel.

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