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Leather Tabletop

This is an excellent way to spruce up a flea market find.

Photography: Jos e ph de L eo

Source: Martha Stewart


  • Craft knife

  • Leather

  • Table

  • Nonskid metal ruler

  • Staple gun

  • Upholstery tacks or decorative nail heads

  • Wooden or rubber mallet


  1. Cut a piece of leather several inches larger all around than the tabletop. Place it face down. Invert table onto leather. Use pencil to trace an outline of its surface. Then expand that outline to include table's lip and whatever excess is needed to staple leather to table (we added an extra inch beyond lip). Mark corners as shown below, so leather can wrap down around table's edges and have a small tab that can be folded to the side, covering corners.

  2. Using ruler and knife, cut out traced pattern, cutting tabs on 3 sides as shown.

  3. With table inverted on leather, fold excess over 1 edge. Wrap 1 tab around a corner, and staple tab. Then staple tab on the other end of that side. Staple leather along length of that side. Repeat on opposite side, then remaining 2 sides.

  4. Turn table upright. Create surface design using our pattern or your own: Mark pattern with a pencil, and nail upholstery tacks using mallet.

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