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Flower Family Tree

Families grow like flower gardens -- with lots of time, care, and love. This wall hanging represents that basic biological truth with a variety of subtly colored clip-art blossoms.

Source: Martha Stewart


This lovely botanical design gives you a bouquet of creative choices. Don't hesitate to have some fun with the arrangement, moving the flowers around, to make this wall bouquet lovely to look at.


  • Small paintbrush for glue, size 20, Blick Academic,

  • Black fine-tip pen


  1. Download stem templates and blossom clip-art. Print a flower for each relative. Carefully cut out flowers, and write names and birth dates.

  2. Print out stem and leaf templates. Place over artist's paper with transfer paper, graphite side down, in between. Trace with a sharp pencil. Using a craft knife, cut out on mat.

  3. Play with placement of flowers and stems on art board. Position spouses' flowers close together, with children's flowers sprouting from them. When satisfied with design, brush paste onto backs of flowers and stems, and place on board.

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