Amazing Rum Cocktails That Pack a Serious Punch


Whether light or dark, golden or white, rum makes a great addition to so many cocktails. It's toasty in a warming nightcap or cooling in a refreshing tropical drink, so grab a cocktail umbrella and get sipping.

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Nothing screams vacation more than a freshly-blended piña colada. But we're betting the last time you enjoyed one was while you were actually laying on a beach in paradise, right? Believe it or not, you can enjoy a little taste of vacation right in your own kitchen when you mix up daiquiris, mojitos, or our other favorite rum cocktails.

There are many ways to mix rum into drinks at home. Some may prefer a classic cocktail that capitalizes on bright ingredients, like a simple Mai Tai made with a dash of lime juice, amaretto, triple sec, golden rum, and simple syrup. Others love something fruity like our watermelon mojitos which are chock full of freshly muddled mint and sweet puréed watermelon along with white rum. The daiquiri might just be the best known rum cocktail; it requires a precise mix of sugar, mint leaves, lemon juice, pineapple, and white rum.

If you're looking for something to warm you up, there's even a way to work tropical fruit into a soul-warming version of hot buttered rum. Use roasted cardamom-spiced pineapple purée as a base, which can be made a day in advance of any gathering and served hot with a fresh pour of rum. Be sure to try rum in new and interesting ways, too—our rum negroni recipe is a tropical take on the Italian classic and has a layer of creaminess thanks to the addition of shaken egg white. And we've also reimagined that classic, the rum punch by harnessing the soothing profile of hibiscus tea to create tanginess, which is pleasant alongside slices of frozen melon.

Whether you decide to mix a newfound rum creation or enjoy a beloved classic, this collection of rum cocktails has options perfect for any taste, season, or occasion. Cheers!

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Classic Tiki Drinks


Start with our trio of classic tiki drinks. The aptly named Blue Hawaii gets its bright hue from blue Curacao. Our Mai Tai calls for just five ingredients: gold rum, lime juice, amaretto, triple sec, and simple syrup. And don't count out the Painkiller, a lip-smacking concotion made with gold rum, pineapple and orange juices, cream of coconut, and nutmeg.

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Modern Tiki Drinks

three cocktails a coffee coquito, pineapple highball, and tangerine-rum sidecar
Kana Okada

These tropical cocktails are ripe with the vacation-like flavors of coconut, pineapple, and tangerine, and each is ready to take you away. Try a creamy, invigorating Coffee Coquito, a Pineapple Highball spiced with vanilla and star anise, or a sidecar made with rum instead of cognac, and tangerine juice in addition to the usual lemon.

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Bryan Gardner

A classic cocktail everyone should know how to make! A daiquiri is all about striking the perfect balance between sweet and sour with just rum, lime juice, and sugar.

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Daniel Webster's Punch

Meredith Jenk

A whole bottle of Jamaican black rum goes into this punch for a crowd, along with sherry, red wine, Champagne, and a bevy of fruit and spices.

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Spiced Hot Buttered Rum

hot buttered rum
Bryan Gardner

Four spices add intrigue to this otherwise classic hot drink: cinnamon, cardamom, vanilla, and cayenne.

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Pina Colada

pina colada
Bryan Gardner

A batch of this creamy rum cocktail will transport you and your guests on a tropical vacation. Hawaiian shirt optional!

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White-Chocolate Hot Cocoa with Coconut and Rum Colada


Whole milk, coconut milk, and cream make an excellent canvas for white chocolate in this riff on hot cocoa. Spike with rum to make it a real winter warmer.

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Kingston Negroni

Bryan Gardner

Gin is swapped out for rum and mixed with an egg white for creaminess in this Caribbean take on the classic Italian cocktail.

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Pineapple-Mint Daiquiris

Marcus Nilsson

Pineapples are simmered with water and sugar, puréed, and infused with fresh mint for the base of this tropical pitcher drink. Stir in white rum and lemon juice before serving.

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Strawberry Daiquiri Italian Ices

Sang An

As much a dessert as a drink, these icy strawberry-and-rum treats are best enjoyed as you lounge by the pool or on the beach.

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Warm Cider and Rum Punch

cider punch

Apple cider is simmered with cinnamon, fresh ginger, and orange slices, then spiked with dark rum.

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Cherry Bomb

Sylvie Becquet

Dive-bomb the maraschino cherries in this fruity cocktail, then enjoy how nicely the rum pairs with creme de cassis, grapefruit, and cranberry.

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Strawberry Daiquiri

Mike Krautter

A homemade lime-sugar rim takes this fresh strawberry-and-rum cocktail over the top.

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Watermelon Mojitos


Put your muddler to good use mashing watermelon for refreshing mojitos.

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Pineapple Express

Sylvie Becquet

A dessert-cocktail hybrid, this is essentially homemade pineapple-ginger granita with white rum poured on top.

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Lemony Spiked Sweet Tea


This kicked-up classic Southern specialty includes high-proof golden rum.

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Tiki for Two

Sylvie Becquet

Dark rum joins floral gin in this brightly flavored punch made with fresh strawberries, peaches, mint, and orange and lemon juice.

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Spiced Rum Punch

Johnny Miller

Cinnamon sticks are used to flavor the simple syrup for this big-batch drink, as well as for the garnish in the punch bowl. They make an excellent foil for the sweet pineapple juice and golden rum.

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Vanilla-Rum Colas


The addition of vanilla and orange wedges turns this simple mixed drink into something special.

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Mango Mojito


Tangy lime juice and bracing fresh mint offset the sweetness of the mangoes and rum in this tropical big-batch cocktail.

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Creepy Cocktail

Creepy Cocktail

Light rum is teamed with pomegranate juice for the bottom layer of this Halloween party-ready drink, and dark rum is poured over the top.

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Roasted-Pineapple Hot Buttered Rum

Roasted-Pineapple Hot Buttered Rum

Roasting the tropical fruit adds a luxurious texture and a wonderful caramelized flavor to this rich winter libation.

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