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Pressed-Leaf Place Mats

Place mats decorated with autumn leaves can season a harvest dinner.

Photography: Grace Huang

Source: Martha Stewart


  • Autumn leavesĀ 

  • Medium-weight fabricĀ 

  • Iron-on flexible vinyl

  • Heavy book, such as a telephone book

  • Iron


  1. Press leaves in book: one week ahead, press leaves by placing them in a heavy book -- arranged so they do not touch one another -- and weighing them down. Cut a 12-by-15-inch rectangle of medium-weight fabric. Cut two pieces of iron-on flexible vinyl slightly larger than the fabric.

  2. Stick vinyl sheet over leaves: arrange the leaves on the fabric. (Watch for leaves with thick stems; they can poke through.) Peel backing from vinyl sheet. Place it sticky-side down over the leaves on the fabric, and smooth it out with your hand.

  3. Iron the placemat: place protective paper shiny-side down on top of vinyl, and iron it for 6 to 8 seconds. Turn over, and iron for four seconds. Repeat vinyl process with other side. Trim edges.

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