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Mini Witch and Cat Pumpkins

Source: Martha Stewart


This sneaky pair of mini pumpkin creatures is brewing up a sugary potion in a hollowed-out apple. Their petite portions are sure to appeal to little kids, who can find everything they need to decorate them around the house.


  • 3 mini pumpkins

  • Melon baller

  • China marker

  • Pumpkin saw or miniature saw: Keyhole saw blade, X-Acto No. 15 (LXKY31), and X-Acto Knife No. 2 (LXKY73), from Tower Hobbies

  • Wooden skewers

  • Toothpicks

  • Nylon broom bristles

  • Black crepe paper

  • Red straight pins (for vampire bat eyes)

  • Small branch (optional, for witch's broom)

  • Straw (optional, for witch's broom)


  1. Carve cat face: for cat, cut top off a small pumpkin; hollow out the remainder of the pumpkin with a melon baller. Draw features with wax pencil (indentation on pumpkin's bottom is the nose); cut out with a pumpkin saw. Etch slits for cat mouth.

  2. Join cat head to body: first decide where the head will be positioned. Remember to keep the stem intact for a tail. Join body (a second mini pumpkin) to head using two wooden skewers.

  3. Add ears and whiskers: cut cat ear shapes from black construction paper; tape to toothpicks, and insert to top of cat's head. Fit waxed twine inside etched slits for the mouth. For whiskers, push nylon broom bristles into holes poked with a toothpick.

  4. Make the witch: for dress, fold pleats in a 24-by-4-inch piece of crepe paper; staple top edges of folds to secure. For arms, roll two 6-inch crepe-paper squares into cylinders; tie knots for wrists. To make the body, cut away the white rim of a black paper cup. With straight pins, attach dress and arms to the bottom of cup. Set head on cup.

  5. For witch's hat, print the witch-hat cone template and photocopy, sizing to fit pumpkin. Roll cone; secure with double-sided tape. Snip flaps; fold out. Slip one brim over cone; tape to flaps. Tape on second brim, sandwiching flaps.

  6. To make the broom, tie straw to a small branch.

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