Needle-Felt with Felt Cutouts, Roving, and Yarn

Needle-felting intertwines wool fibers with each prick of a barbed tool. Use this technique to decorate wool pillows, scarves, blankets, and other items with contrasting wool accents—no sewing or gluing necessary.


Here are some techniques for needle-felting fabric with felt cutouts, roving, and yarn (100 percent wool materials work best). Regardless of the technique you choose, you'll always start by placing a felting-needle mat under the fabric, and punching up and down using a single felting needle or a multineedle tool. A larger mat minimizes repositioning. Clean out wool fibers as they collect. Both sides of felted fabric are attractive, so test on a swatch to see which you like best. The design on the punched side is sharp; the reverse is blurred. Take your time, and be careful as you work.

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