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Felted Sweater Patches

There's no reason to toss your favorite wool cardigan when its elbows wear thin or a small hole develops. Needle-felting can disguise these flaws while making the garment fresh and fashionable.

Source: Martha Stewart


  • Wool sweater

  • Disappearing-ink pen


  1. For elbow patch: download elbow-patch template. Print, and cut out. Position template over elbow area of sleeve, and trace with disappearing ink.

  2. Place needle-felting mat, pictured at left, inside sleeve, under outlined oval. Lay a few tufts of roving side by side in oval. Using felting tool, punch until fibers transfer evenly to reverse side. Add more roving for a thicker layer, or repeat on a new section of oval. Finish by spritzing both sides with water and pressing with an iron on the wool setting.

  3. For holes: needle-felt a circle or other shape over the hole, with mat inside sweater. Then create a design (we used 4 circles) by needle-felting shapes using roving in different colors.

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