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Applique Robe with Hawaiian Floral Print

A store-bought linen robe promises a relaxing weekend morning in island style. A graphic, oversize design, cut from sage linen and appliqued by hand, spills down the back and wraps around the shoulders.

Source: Martha Stewart



  1. Cut a square of fabric wide enough to span the robe's shoulders and drape down each sleeve (our fabric was 20 inches square; a similar robe is available at

  2. Fold fabric, following the steps in our preparing appliques how-to, using the 'ohi'a-lehua flower template. Cut out motif as directed. Unfold it; cut off 1 of motif's 4 arms, and discard it.

  3. Position motif on robe, using the photograph and diagram as a guide; pin.

  4. Baste 1/4 inch inside motif's perimeter with a 1/2-inch running stitch. Using an applique needle, turn 1 edge of motif under 1/8 inch, and secure with applique stitches (bring needle up through robe and motif at its folded edge, then down through robe only). Repeat, turning under and applique stitching entire motif. Remove basting stitches. Press with an iron.

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