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Cherry Blossom and Dogwood Arrangement

Jump-start spring by forcing branches of early-flowering trees and shrubs. (Read our tips on how to force successfully.) Massed at eye level in a rustic trough, pink cherry blossoms join white dogwood and spirea to give armchair nature lovers a breath of fresh air. The branches stand in chicken wire that has been bent to fit the container's liner. Moss and lichen from a florist mask the wire support in sylvan style.

Source: Martha Stewart


  • Watertight liners

  • Watertight containers

  • Gloves

  • Wire cutters

  • Sheet moss

  • Lichen

  • Cherry blossom, dogwood, and spirea branches

  • Garden shears

  • Water picks


  1. Place watertight liners in a container. Fill liners two-thirds full with tepid water.

  2. Wearing gloves and using wire cutters, snip a square of chicken wire that is twice the size of the liner opening. Crumple wire to fit snugly into space to act as a frog.

  3. Spread sheet moss to cover tops of liners and wire. If liners are visible through slats in sides of container, put lichen between liners and container walls.
  4. Clip cherry, dogwood, and spirea branches, staggering their heights. With bypass garden shears, cut them at a 45-degree angle and slit them vertically.
  5. Push branches through moss until firmly anchored in wire.

  6. Decorate sides of container if desired: Insert individual blossoms (such as these dogwood flowers) into water picks. Twist wire ends of flower picks around stems, then insert picks into slats of trough.

  7. Lift edges of moss every other day to check water level and replenish as needed.

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