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Snow-Swept Gingerbread Cottage

The caramelized-syrup windows of this colonial house are lit from within by a string of holiday bulbs, which flicker and glow like firelight. Intricate piped-icing details reflect the home's period; cookie trees and evergreen shrubbery (plus a tiny wreath) complete the scene.

Source: Martha Stewart


First, make our recipe for the Snow-Swept Gingerbread Cottage.


  • Snow-Swept Gingerbread Cottage Recipe


  1. Once you've rolled, cut, and baked the cookie house's walls, roof, and other details using our Snow-Swept Gingerbread Cottage Recipe, a caramel syrup serves as the "glue." To assemble: Dip one edge of front piece in caramel, and allow excess to drip off. Coat only the edge that will be joined.

  2. Working quickly (before caramel hardens), join coated edge of front piece to a side piece, forming a corner; press firmly to adhere. Repeat with remaining side piece. Dip both edges of back piece in caramel; attach to side pieces.

  3. Immediately attach roof pieces to the coated side pieces, making sure they are centered and evenly aligned.

  4. To construct the chimney, brush edge of each piece with caramel, one at a time, then join together, pressing firmly and holding over pan to allow excess to drip off.

  5. Once the four walls are attached, quickly brush caramel over exposed edges of both side pieces. (If caramel in pan begins to harden at any time, warm briefly on the stove.)

  6. Dip angled end of chimney in caramel, then attach to roof, holding it firmly in place until secure. Attach door by dipping one edge in caramel and affixing to opening on one side, so door is ajar, holding it firmly in place until secure.

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