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Fourth of July Clip-Art Candy Container

Photography: Raymond Hom

Source: Martha Stewart


A clip-art candy container -- a nod to Uncle Sam's top hat -- is emblazoned with a calligraphed eagle. Inside, a bag of gumdrops (ours are champagne gumdrops from the Sweet Life makes for a parting treat.


  • Printer

  • Red card stock

  • Regular paper

  • Scissors

  • Hot glue and hot-glue gun

  • Double-sided tap

  • Clear bag

  • Gumdrops

  • Waxed twine or waxed linen thread


  1. Set your printer's margins to zero (or as narrow as possible). Print templates for the round base and tabbed rectangle onto red card stock. Print blue eagle clip art onto regular paper. Cut out all pieces.

  2. Bend tabbed rectangle into a cylinder with a 1/3-inch overlap; secure with hot glue. With double-sided tape, affix eagle clip art around cylinder. Fold tabs under; hot-glue to base. Run a thin line of hot glue along inside bottom edge, to reinforce

  3. Place a clear bag inside hat; fill with gumdrops. Tie a bow with waxed twine.


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