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Lump of Coal Gift Box (with a Secret)

We all know what good-for-nothings get in their stockings: coal. But something is different this year. These sparkling nuggets are no ordinary lumps but gift boxes embellished with paint, paper, and lots of glitter. The faux-coal pieces are just the right size to package earrings, a rolled-up tie, and other small gifts. Looks like landing on the Naughty List isn't so terrible after all.

Source: Martha Stewart


We used small hexagonal cardboard boxes; square boxes will also work. 


  • Hexagonal boxes (square boxes will also work)

  • Crepe masking tape, in black

  • Fabric stiffener

  • Shards vintage glass glitter

  • Glitter


  1. Using black tempera paint, paint a cardboard box.

  2. Tear a piece of heavyweight black card stock, and crumple it up. Attach it to lid of box with black crepe masking tape. Continue to add scraps of card stock, tearing, taping, and pressing into place (when you press the top, it should feel firm, not hollow). The surface should be jagged.

  3. Saturate a piece of black construction paper in fabric stiffener. Remove it from stiffener, and lay it on top of the lid, smoothing it with your fingers so it conforms to the shape. Trim the edge with scissors. Let dry completely, about 1 1/2 hours. Brush the jagged surface with craft glue; sprinkle with black glitter.

  4. Print the stocking template, and trace it onto red card stock. Cut out. Use a white gel-ink pen to decorate stocking, or trim with white wool roving or cotton.

  5. Punch a small hole in 1 corner, and thread with baker's twine. Tie gift tag around coal box.

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