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Magnolia Garland

Dress up your staircase with a magnificent garland of gilded magnolia leaves.

Photography: Christopher Baker

Source: Martha Stewart


  • Medium-weight cardboard stock

  • Approximately 40 dried magnolia leaves for each section of the garland

  • 22-gauge floral wire

  • Small paintbrush

  • Water-based glue

  • Gold mica

  • Gilding brush

  • Satin ribbon


  1. To create the cardboard base for the leaves, photocopy the template, increasing the size by 200 percent. Cut out each piece along dotted line and enlarge by 200 percent; repeat.

  2. For each garland section, trace the shapes on cardboard stock. Cut out pieces, and punch a small hole at either end with a nail. Link pieces with double rings of floral wire to form the curved shape.

  3. With brush, apply glue to top of each leaf, then dust on gold mica with the gilding brush. (Always wear a dust mask when working with mica powder.) Shake off excess and let dry completely.

  4. Affix leaves to cardboard with hot glue in an overlapping pattern, alternating one mica side up, one unpainted side up. Attach to staircase using satin ribbon tied in a simple knot.

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