Gray Lady Ghost Costume

Legend has it the gray lady was a beautiful young bride, left stranded at the altar. She died tragically of a broken heart, but her love is never ending. Even in death she waits for her betrothed.


Our haunting young lady wears a mask of white face paint resembling a veil. She also carries a bouquet of silk hydrangeas painted a ghastly shade of gray. Lengths of tulle worn apron-style -- cinched at the neck and tied at the waist with wide ribbon -- mimic a wedding dress.

What You'll Need


  • 8 1/2 yards of gray tulle
  • 1 yard of gray seam binding
  • Large 14/18 yarn darners needle (such as a yarn or upholstery needle)
  • Gray lacy tights
  • Silk flowers (we used hydrangeas)
  • Gray floral spray
  • 1 yard of 2-inch-wide gray ribbon
  • Paper doily
  • White face paint (and someone to help you apply it)
  • Makeup sponge
  • 2 yards of 3-inch-wide gray ribbon (for dress)
  • 2 yards of gray lace fabric (for veil)
  • Bobby pins or hair clips


  1. Measure distance from toes to top of neck, and cut five pieces of tulle to that length (our pieces are 60 inches long). Thread needle with seam binding. Sew the pieces together, 3 inches from top edge, with a large running stitch, gathering the tulle as you work, and leaving equal lengths of ribbon on each end to make ties (as shown in the photo). To make sleeves, cut a neckhole between the legs of the tights, and cut off toes.

  2. Cut the doily in half. Center decorative edge on forehead and hold in place. Holding doily still, dab face paint on forehead with a makeup sponge; stencil the lacy pattern and paint around scalloped edges, covering the area around the nose and eyes. Repeat pattern on cheeks and the rest of the face. Paint lips white.

  3. Put on a long white skirt. Slip arms into stocking legs, put head through neckhole, and pull waistband down over torso. Put on white camisole. Tie tulle around neck; tie sash around waist and adjust tulle so it makes a full skirt. Trim lace fabric to make scalloped edges of veil, then drape lace over head, and pin or clip in place.

  4. Coat flowers with floral spray; bunch and tie with ribbon.

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