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No-Melt Snowmen

Source: Martha Stewart


These merry snowmen get their roly-poly forms, red scarves, and carrot noses from rolled fondant, a thick, pliable sugar mixture often used to give wedding cakes a smooth finish (you'll find it at baking-supply stores). Chocolate sprinkles stand in for coal eyes and buttons; licorice drops make the hats.


  • White fondant (No. 710-2076), fromĀ

  • Gel-paste food coloring (No. 601-5127), fromĀ

  • Chocolate sprinkles

  • Toothpicks

  • Licorice dot for hat

  • Sanding sugar


  1. On a cornstarch-dusted surface, roll balls of white fondant to form the three parts of a snowman.

  2. Glue balls with royal icing if needed. Using gel-paste food coloring, tint a tiny bit of fondant orange; shape into carrot noses. Tint a small amount red for scarves.

  3. Make toothpick holes for noses, eyes, and buttons; push in carrots and sprinkles. Add scarves, and top with licorice hats. Display on a platter that has been "snowed" on with sanding sugar, or set in front of a gingerbread house.

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