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Bay Leaf and Pomegranate Garland

Drape this delicate garland over your mantel, banister, or mirror this holiday season and enjoy this magical -- and long-lasting -- holiday swag well into the new year.

Source: Martha Stewart


  • Rotary tool such as Dremel Stylus, by Dremel, from Home Depot

  • Fresh bay leaves

  • Twine

  • Big craft needle such as Jumbo tapestry needle (No. 44758582), by Clover, from


  1. Use a Dremel rotary tool with a thin bit to drill through dried pomegranates, available at crafts stores.

  2. Cut a piece of twine a little longer than you want the garland to be. Tie a double knot near one end of the twine, and thread the other end through a big craft needle. Send the needle through one pomegranate, so it rests against the knot at the other end of the twine. Make a second knot on the other side of the pomegranate to keep it in place. Make a third knot about 6 inches along the twine. Add another pomegranate, and secure with another knot. Keep making knots and adding fruit, spaced 6 inches apart, along the entire length of the twine.

  3. Fill in the spaces between the pomegranates with bay leaves: Cut 6-inch sprigs, poke the ends into the hole in the pomegranate, and use one or two short pieces of floral wire to secure the sprigs to the twine. Continue, adding bay leaves between all the fruit. The "tassels" at the ends are leaves inserted directly in the holes.

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