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Black Cat Treat Boxes

A family of black pressed-paper cats prowls through a pumpkin patch. Their bodies are made from different sizes of heart-shaped boxes turned upside down.

Source: Martha Stewart


Before you begin, see our Crepe Paper Basics.


  • Similar heart box, 6.8 inches (No. 4420617), from German Corner

  • Crepe-paper folds, 20 inches by 7 1/2 feet, in Black, Bright Orange, Canary, Emerald Green, and Gray

  • Americana acrylic paint, in Lamp Black, 2 ounces

  • Matte-cover card stock, in Black, 25 sheets

  • Foam brush

  • Glue stick


  1. Paint both halves of a heart-shaped pressed-paper box with black acrylic paint using a foam brush. Let dry.

  2. Using a glue stick, adhere black crepe paper to black card stock for added thickness. Using the templates, cut out a head, 2 ears, 2 back feet, 2 front legs, and a tail. Cut out facial features from colored crepe paper, as specified on templates, and arrange them on head, adhering with glue stick.

  3. Using a hot-glue gun, attach ears to head. Then, attach head and legs to the front of box (follow the photo for positioning), and attach feet to the front half of box at the bottom, so the cat can stand. Hot-glue the tail to the back of box.

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