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Witch Jack-o'-Lanterns

Bumpy, lumpy, and greenish gray, these Hubbard squashes have the perfect complexions for making warty witch jack-o'-lanterns.

Photography: johnny Mi l l e r

Source: Martha Stewart


Print the templates for their faces and hats, and then carve their gaping grins. A little, greenish gourd makes for a bent and bulbous witch nose, and a pointy black hat completes the Salem-ready look. (Bring your own eye of newt and toe of frog.)


  • Keyhole saw

  • Hubbard squash

  • Fleshing tool

  • T pin or needle tool

  • Miniature saw

  • Small gourd

  • Toothpicks

  • Black paper

  • Craft knife

  • Hot-glue gun


  1. Using keyhole saw, cut bottom off squash; hollow squash with fleshing tool.

  2. Using T pin, trace face template onto squash. Cut along those lines with miniature saw.

  3. For the nose, cut the bottom off a small gourd. Insert toothpicks to cut end, and attach to face.

  4. To make hat, trace template onto black paper; cut out. Using tabs, hot-glue brim to underside of crown. To add a ruffle, use bone folder to accordion-fold a 3-by-60-inch piece of paper, and encircle squash with it.

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