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Pillows and Blankets with Twisted-Cord Tassels

Tassels in a palette of red, gold, and orange give a charcoal pillow and throw a custom look while adding texture and bursts of color to an otherwise monochromatic scheme. Twisted-cord tassels made of mohair yarn embellish a mohair throw.

Photography: Joseph De Leo

Source: Martha Stewart


These three-inch tassels were fluffed with fingers for maximum volume to mimic the lofty texture of the throw. The four-and-a-half-inch twisted-cord tassels on the throw pillow are made of wool-silk yarn. The tassels are hand-stitched to the throw and pillow with cotton sewing thread.


  • Kid Silk haze mohair yarn

  • Mohair throw, from Yves Delorme, 212-439-5701


  1. To make a twisted cord, cut a thread 6 times as long as you want the finished cord to be. Knot ends together. Tape 1 end to your worktable, hook the other end around your index finger, and twist until the strands entwine like a telephone cord. When the cord kinks, place your other index finger at the halfway point, and fold the cord in half. Let go of halfway point only, and cord will twist together. Straighten twisted cord. Remove tape and finger, and knot ends together to make a circle.

  2. To make a tassel incorporating this twisted cord, complete step 1 of How to Tie a Tassel. Then lay a 5-inch piece of thread horizontally on work surface. Slide wound thread off winding board, and center it on the 5-inch thread. Place twisted cord on top of wound thread, and tie 5-inch thread into a tight knot around wound thread and over knot on cord.

  3. Cut through threads on 1 of the wound ends, and bring down the cut threads around cord and into a tassel shape; cord should emerge from center of tassel top. Position knot on cord (now hidden in the tassel) so it rests just below where you intend to wrap the neck (which will secure it). Wrap neck as in step 4 of How to Tie a Tassel. Cut remaining looped ends, and trim tassel as necessary to even it. Use twisted cord to attach tassel to your project.

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