Moth-Dog Pet Costume


Not to be outdone by Francesca's Spider-Dog costume, Sharkey decided to transform herself into a magnificent moth. Gray felt wings dotted with light yellow and black spots complement her pale coat; the wings are held in place with elastic straps. Pipe cleaners help her fringed feelers stand at attention.

What You'll Need


  • Basic sewing supplies
  • Three 12-by-18-inch pieces of stiff black felt
  • Fabric glue
  • Elastic
  • 36-inch square gray felt
  • Paintbrush
  • 8-inch square pale yellow felt
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Wing and marking templates


  1. Photocopy wing and marking templates; cut out. Stack 2 pieces of black felt, and cut out wing shapes. Cut a 3-inch-wide strip of black felt the length of the wings. Place wings side by side, and glue the strip along the center to hold the wings together (the side with the strip will be the underside).

  2. Cut the elastic to fit the dog: It should start at the tops of the dog's shoulders and loop around the front legs to fit snugly, like a backpack. Tack elastic into loops, and sew onto underside of black wings. Fold gray felt in half, and align wing template with the folded edge; using the template as a guide, cut out wing shape and unfold. Trim 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch from edges so gray felt is slightly smaller than black felt. Glue gray felt to black felt with fabric glue and a paintbrush. Using the templates as guides, cut out markings from yellow and black felt; glue in place.

  3. Cut two 1-by-13-inch strips of gray felt; fringe by cutting 3/4-inch slits every 1/4 inch with scissors. Overlap two 12-inch pipe cleaners at their midpoints, and twist together; bend as shown, with a 1 1/2-inch piece in the center. Wrap fringed felt strips around pipe cleaners, gluing in place as you go and stopping at center section.

  4. Using the template as a guide, cut two circles from gray felt, cutting slits in one circle as indicated on template. Brush uncut circle and center piece of pipe cleaners with glue. Place pipe cleaners upright on uncut circle; place circle with slits on top. Press pipe cleaners through slits. Press down, and let dry. Cut elastic to fit snugly around the dog's head; stitch ends to uncut circle.

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