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Glittered Santa Treat Boxes

Source: Martha Stewart


Santas in multiple sizes can be crafted using oval treat boxes, red paint, clip art, and glitter. Egg-shaped pressed-paper boxes come in a range of sizes. Larger ones can accommodate toys and accessories; small ones are perfect for candy. Use the version of clip art and templates sized to fit your box.


  • Egg boxes, 4", and 4 1/2"

  • Acrylic paint, in red

  • Wool felt, 8" by 12", in white

  • Small paintbrush

  • Paper, in white and black

  • Cover-weight paper (card stock), in red, white, and gray; text-weight paper, in black

  • 1/4-inch hole punch

  • Glue stick

  • Hot-glue gun

  • Craft glue

  • Fine glass glitter

  • Large glitter shards or flakes

  • Trinket for Santa, such as a gift, a checklist, or a pine tree made from a bottle brush (optional)


  1. Paint both halves of egg-shaped box with red acrylic paint using paintbrush; let dry.

  2. Download Santa clip art and templates (see Materials); print onto white paper, and cut them out. Set face and rectangular coat trim aside. Trace mittens and cuffs onto white card stock; cut out. Trace arms onto red card stock; cut out. Trace belt onto black paper; cut out. Using hole punch, make black-paper buttons.

  3. Using glue stick, affix face and coat trim to front half of box so the bottom of beard hangs over the top of coat trim. Glue belt onto the midsection, covering the bottom of coat trim. Glue buttons onto coat trim. Using hot-glue gun, attach mittens to arms, then glue cuffs where mittens meet arms; let dry.

  4. Separate halves of box. Using clean paintbrush, apply craft glue to part of Santa's body. Holding Santa over a bowl, sprinkle spoonfuls of clear glass glitter over glued area; let dry. Repeat until entire body and beard are glittered (do not glitter face); let dry. Glitter both arms, front and back, except at the inner top area and inner mittens, where each arm will attach to body.

  5. Using hot-glue gun, attach arms to body at the shoulders. Place a trinket under 1 arm if desired, and secure to body with hot glue. Wrap arm around trinket, and secure hands to body with hot glue.

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