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Pomegranate Door Display with Gilded Leaves

To welcome guests this time of year, consider this knockout door decoration: a cluster of pomegranates and gilded leaves topped with a bow.

Source: Martha Stewart


One of the world's oldest known crops --there is evidence of their cultivation dating to 4000 B.C. -- pomegranates have symbolized abundance and good luck in many cultures for several millennia. Best of all, with deep-red leathery skins that dry beautifully, pomegranates can carry the season's greetings well into the New Year.


  • Drill with 3/32-inch bit

  • Wire cutter

  • Ultra Ergo side-cutter pliers and chain-nose pliers,

  • Flat wooden dowel, 3/8-inch wide, cut to 14 inches long,

  • Gold floral spray

  • Magnolia leaves

  • Hot-glue gun

  • Ribbon (2 3/4 inches or 72 mm wide), from Mokuba; 212-869-8900


  1. Drill vertically through the core of a pomegranate. Cut a length of wire that extends 5 inches longer than the fruit, and thread through its hole. Using pliers, make a curlicue with 1 end of wire; tuck into opening. Repeat for all pomegranates.

  2. Drill 1 hole at top and bottom of dowel. Thread wire in 1 fruit through the hole on the bottom of the dowel to serve as anchor. Wrap wires of remaining fruits around dowel. Use more wire to hang dowel from hole at the top.

  3. Coat leaves with floral spray. Hot-glue leaves among pomegranates.

  4. Make a bow with ribbon, tie at top of dowel, and affix to a nail in door.

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