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Velvet Trivets

Set the table with this easy and elegant velvet trivet.

Source: Martha Stewart



  • Wood art-box board, 5-by-7-inch box by American Easel;

  • Silk-and-rayon velvet, in Gold, 44 inches, New York Elegant Fabrics, 212-302-4980

  • Washed silk-and-rayon velvet in Blue, B&J Frabrics

  • Foam brush


  1. Select wooden art-box board. Cut square of velvet with enough overlap to cover sides. Use a foam brush to apply an adhesive, such as Yes Paste, that won't seep through fabric. Center art-box board facedown on back of velvet, top, and press into place. Apply more glue to art-box board's sides and back edge.

  2. On each side, fold velvet inward with finger, keeping folded edge flush to corner of box for a clean line. Smooth velvet, then press into place. If you need to remove creases, lightly steam velvet (ironing will crush it).s, from Michaels, for stores.

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