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Velvet Dahlia Arrangement

These stylish branches and flowers are beautiful enough to have come from nature. And they're so easy to make: Just attach pom-poms to twigs or sew on velvet petals to make dahlias.

Source: Martha Stewart



  • Thread


  1. Cut two 2-by-42-inch strips of velvet. With embroidery scissors, snip V shapes into velvet about 1/8 inch from bottom edge. Place one strip on top of the other, fuzzy sides down. Sew a running stitch through both layers along the bottom 1/8 inch. Every 3 or 4 inches, pull the thread to gather the fabric and secure with a double stitch.

  2. Spiral the strip tightly to create a flower shape, securing it with random stitches. Stitch through all the layers when strip is completely rolled. Make a few more stitches to attach a hooked paper-wrapped floral wire for the stem, then cover it with green floral tape.

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