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Eric Pike's Glittered Snowflake Ornaments

Source: Martha Stewart


Every year, in addition to shepherding Martha Stewart Living through its holiday preparations, Eric makes ornaments for his own Christmas tree. "I often make them with my nieces on my family summer vacation," he says. These glittered snowflakes are made from card stock cut with 2-inch craft punches -- a new, larger size that makes crafting decorations fast and easy. Eric joins them to make a large snowflake ornament or uses a single flake to anchor looped ribbon. The process isn't complicated, but the glimmering results are sturdy enough to adorn Christmas trees for many years to come. "It's fun to look back at an ornament you made years before and realize it's now a handmade heirloom," Eric says.


Tip: Use card stock in a color that matches the glitter. If any glitter rubs off over time, the spot won't be as noticeable.


  • 2-inch snowflake craft punches, Himalayan and Icelandic snowflake large craft punches

  • Small paintbrush

  • Glitter in Green Agate, Aquamarine, Feldspar, Sterling, and Kunzite, by Martha Stewart Crafts,

  • Spoon

  • Silver beads

  • Silver cord

  • Ribbon (for ribbon snowflake)


  1. For the Large Snowflakes: Punch out 14 snowflake designs from card stock. Glue in pairs back to back.

  2. Arrange the 7 ornaments into a larger snowflake. Glue them together at the adjoining points, and let dry.

  3. Brush snowflakes with glue on both sides. Spoon glitter on top. Let dry thoroughly.

  4. Thread a bead with a length of cord, then tie it at the top.

  5. Cut ribbon into three 6-inch strips; form each into a loop using our template for guidance. Stack the 3 loops into a snowflake shape, and glue at the center.

  6. Punch out 2 card stock snowflakes, glue together, and glitter as described above. Glue 1 at the center of each side of the ribbon snowflake. Let dry. Repeat for opposite side if desired.

  7. To hang the ornament, stitch a silver bead to the top of 1 ribbon loop, then thread it with cord.

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