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Sequined Christmas Tree Centerpiece

A gleaming grove of triangular trees makes an enchanting centerpiece.

Source: Martha Stewart


Cut from pearlized card stock, the trees are trimmed with loose sequins and small paillettes.


  • Several pieces of 11-by-17-inch pearlized card stock, 120 lb., in Quartz,

  • Craft ruler,

  • Craft knife,

  • Bone folder,

  • Tacky white glue with a fine applicator

  • Assorted loose sequins and small paillettes


  1. Measure and cut 2 card stock triangles for each tree; ours are 8 by 12 inches (base by height), 11 by 17 inches, and 9 1/2 by 12 1/2 inches. Measure and mark base on card stock. Find midpoint; measure from midpoint to height.

  2. Using ruler as a guide, run bone folder along vertical center line to crease each triangle; fold in half.

  3. Apply glue along outside edges of triangle's centerfold; press together until glue sets. Stand up each tree and let dry.

  4. Working 1 side at a time, apply small dots of glue and attach sequins and paillettes in desired colors and sizes. Let dry.

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