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Metallic Foil Paillette Tree Mobile

In this twist on the traditional focal point, metallic foil paillettes (ranging from small to supersize) hang from graduated wire wreath forms, creating a modern mobile that evokes a trimmed tree.

Source: Martha Stewart


  • Cutting mat

  • Metallic foil board in gold, silver, and teal (double-sided is best), 12 inches

  • Spray adhesive (if card stock is single-sided)

  • Micro hole punch

  • Metallic embroidery thread

  • Small silver ring or S hook


  1. For single-sided foil board: Use spray adhesive to attach 2 same-color pieces back-to-back.

  2. On cutting mat, cut paillettes from foil board with circle cutter, varying their diameter from 4 to 8 inches; they will hang in graduated sizes on the "tree." When using the circle cutter, cut around each circle a few times to ensure a clean edge. Reserve one 4-inch gold circle for the "star" at the tree's top.

  3. Use hole punch to punch 1 hole near edge of each paillette.

  4. To assemble tree, cut 3 pieces of thread for each of the top 3 tiers; we spaced our tiers 13, 17, and 20 inches apart. Tie the strings to wreath forms, attaching tiers from smallest to largest. Cut 3 additional pieces of string to hang tree (in a length that suits your ceiling height). Tie the strings to top tier and then tie the other ends to a silver ring or S hook to hang.

  5. Cut assorted lengths of thread, and separate the strands. Use the strands to tie paillettes to wreath forms, varying the lengths at which they hang. Start with the smallest paillettes at the top, and increase their size as you move down. Tie a 4-inch gold paillette to the hanger to make the star.

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