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Sew a Button in No Time Flat

Use an all-purpose, cotton-wrapped polyester thread to attach a button; it's durable enough for most fabrics.

Tools and Materials

  • 9-inch length of double-knotted thread
  • Needle
  • Toothpick

Sew a Button How-To

1. Locate the original placement of the button (you'll likely see the old threads sticking out). With a 9-inch length of double-knotted thread, pass a needle from inside to outside of fabric and through 1 hole in button. Hold button in place, and lay a toothpick across its center to create some space. Bring needle down, over toothpick and through second hole (if using a 4-hole button, continue back up and down through third and fourth holes). Repeat 4 to 6 times, ending with the needle and thread between the button and the fabric.

2. Remove toothpick, and lift button to create a shank that will allow room for fabric to close around it (especially important for bulky garments). Wrap thread tightly around shank, then slip needle through 1 of the stitches, and pull tight to secure.


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