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Cross-Stitch How-To

Cross-stitching is a cinch to master. Give the classic craft an appealing update with these customizable projects in modern designs.Use the weave of fabric called "aida cloth" to make X-shaped stitches in neat rows.

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Cross-Stitch How-To

1. Center fabric in an embroidery hoop. Count the stitches in each row of the template. Using the fabric's weave as a grid, make that number of stitches; first create a row of evenly spaced diagonal lines, then stitch back over the row, creating Xs, above. To make a three-quarters cross-stitch (for a diagonal line in your design), make the first stitch from the corner to the grid's middle, and then the second stitch as normal. When the design is complete, trim excess cloth.

2. Use this stitch, above, to create thin lines (as for the whisk, above left). Insert the needle from the wrong side of the fabric, coming out at 1. Insert needle at 2, pull back out at 3, and pull thread tight. Insert needle again at 1, and pull it out past 3, creating equal stitches. Insert needle at 3 and continue.

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