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Curios Cluster Necklace

The carefree cool of this anything-goes necklace extends to how you wear it. Tie the bow in the back or off to the side for a funkier finish.

Photography: Raymond Hom

Source: Martha Stewart


Stitching on all the elements isn't difficult, but it takes a little patience.


  • Embellishments, such as beads

  • Digital camera

  • Beading needle, sewing needle, and polyester thread

  • Magna-Tac glue

  • Two 20-inch ribbons for ties (Ribbon #148, in Gray #131, by Shindo; 212-868-9311)


  1. For the backing, print the two crescent templates. Use larger template to cut a crescent of lightweight linen.

  2. Use smaller template to cut a crescent of heavyweight linen.

  3. Starting with bigger items, arrange embellishments as desired on smaller linen crescent. When pleased with the placement, take photos to record the sequence. With the photos as a guide, use beading needle to stitch the larger pieces in place on the fabric. Next, layer in the smaller pieces, filling in crevices.

  4. When all elements are stitched on, glue 1 ribbon to the back of each end of the fabric for ties. Glue plain, larger linen crescent to the adorned one as a backing. Let dry. Secure the base of the ribbon ties with a few stitches. Place completed piece, backing-side down, on a scratch-proof surface; use sewing needle to gently fray the edges of both fabrics for a softly fringed effect.

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