If you're craving a creative project and some of the old-fashioned comfort that comes from starting something from scratch, you'll be well rewarded by reaching for your knitting needles this winter.

These mittens and scarves are straightforward to make (the basic knit stitch is king here), and the patterns are readily adaptable -- just alter the styles and sizes to suit the wearer. You'll enjoy the pleasure of knitting (and the guilty pleasure of not working) and the satisfaction of donning winter woollies you made yourself.

Finished Size: Women's medium


What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

With double-pointed needles, cast on 39 stitches. Divide stitches among 3 double-pointed needles, and join in a round.

Step 2

Rounds 1 through 57: Knit.

Step 3

Round 58: Using scrap yarn as your working yarn, knit 7 stitches off the beginning of your next needle. Now slip these stitches back onto the needle they came from. With your main yarn, knit across the scrap-yarn stitches as well as the rest of the stitches on that needle.

Step 4

Rounds 59 through 83: Knit with main yarn. Bind off loosely.

Step 5

Make thumb: Carefully remove the scrap yarn. As you do so a hole will form with a series of loops above and below it. Pass 1 empty double pointed needle through the top 7 loops and another through the bottom 7 loops. With a third needle and a new piece of yarn knit the 7 stitches on the bottom row, pick up and knit 2 loops at end of thumb opening. Now knit the 7 stitches on the top row, Pick up and knit 2 loops at opposite end of thumb opening.

Step 6

Divide the 18 stitches among 3 needles and knit 14 rows. Bind off loosely.

Step 7

Repeat process to make second mitten.


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