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Shimmery Lariat Necklace

With its flowing ribbon ends and spots of sparkle, this necklace can go with a pretty dress or a casual T-shirt.

Photography: Raymond Hom

Source: Martha Stewart


Metallic ribbon and silvery bugle beads echo pearls' luster with a subtle sheen. If a few bugle beads come loose from the ties, don't fret -- they can be replaced easily.


  • Magna-Tac glue

  • Assorted pearl, cube, and bugle beads

  • 36-inch piece of metallic ribbon, in Silver

  • Beading needle and polyester thread

  • Rectangular sequins


  1. Generously apply glue to one side of the end of one of the twill tapes, and begin to press bugle beads into rows on the glue. Continue working until about 6 inches of the twill tape are covered in bugle beads. Repeat on the other twill tape. Let dry.

  2. Attach a length of twill tape about 4 inches up from each end of the ribbon by knotting it to the ribbon.

  3. Glue 2 pearls at each knot, 1 on each side. Using thread and a beading needle, stitch pearls in place. Then create a cluster to cover each knot with a mix of about a dozen additional pearls and beads. Working between the knots at about 4-inch intervals along the metallic ribbon, glue pairs of pearls to either side, and add 5 or 6 additional beads and sequins at each pearl point to make smaller clusters.

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