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Tablecloth Anchor

Photography: Earl Carter

Source: Martha Stewart


Use bungee cords and grommets to keep a tablecloth from billowing in the breeze.

Cut oilcloth to the length of a rectangular table (or 4 to 6 inches shorter, as we did) and to the width plus 16 inches. Pink or hem the short edges.

Tools and Materials

  • Oilcloth, in Green Gingham, from Oilcloth International;
  • Scissors
  • Pinking shears
  • 1-inch grommet kit (including 6 grommets, a cutting block, a hole cutter, and an insert punch)
  • Hammer
  • Three 12-inch bungee cords, in various colors, 10003 Hardware; 212-229-0003

Tablecloth Anchor How-To

1. Fold over tablecloth 2 inches on one long side. Place one end on cutting block, and hammer hole cutter into cloth.

2. Follow kit's instructions to attach grommet. Make another hole midway along the long folded edge, and attach grommet; repeat at far end. Repeat with 3 evenly spaced grommets on other long side.

3. Place on table; hook each bungee into a grommet, stretch cord under the table, and hook into opposing grommet.

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