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Double-Border Frame

Source: Martha Stewart


Embellish store-bought frames with strips of wood. Hang them together gallery-style to link a trio of pictures. The simple black-and-white photographs pop against a bold paint color.

After cutting all wooden pieces, glue them to the frame following the order of the numbered diagram.


  • Wooden frame, 8 by 10 inches or larger

  • Sandpaper, fine grit

  • Flat-bristle brushes

  • Mini Moldings, 1/4 by 9/16 inches, by Artistic Woodworking, from


  1. Cut basswood to the following lengths with miter box:

    4 pieces 2 inches longer than exterior length of frame (1, 2, 5, 6)

    2 pieces to fit the width between 1 and 2 (7, 8)

    2 pieces 5 inches longer than exterior width of frame (3, 4)  \

    8 pieces 1 inch long (see shading)

  2. Using a flat brush, glue pieces to the frame and one another according to the numbered diagram, sanding ends of wood as necessary for a good fit. Attach 1-inch pieces last.

  3. After glue has dried, use another brush to apply 1 coat of primer, let dry, and then apply 2 coats of paint

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