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Geometric Designed Door

Photography: Jonny Valiant

Source: Martha Stewart






  • Measuring tape

  • Metal ruler

  • Water-soluble pencil

  • Artist's tape

  • Blue painters' tape

  • Single-edge razor

  • Semigloss paint (in one or two accent colors of your choosing)

  • 1/2-inch flat nylon brush


  1. Remove door from hinges. Using measuring tape, determine the dimensions of your door and the spacing of the squares (for this project, we created three 22-inch squares). Using ruler and pencil, draw each square.

  2. Place artist's tape inside the outline of each square; lightly rub to smooth.

  3. Adhere painters' tape along the outside and inside edges of artist's tape=. For the strips of painters' tape on the inner part of the squares, miter the corners using razor to create a clean edge.

  4. Remove artist's tape, and paint the space between the pieces of painters' tape. Let dry.

  5. Wipe off pencil marks with a damp paper towel.

  6. Repeat process with octagons. (Ours are 3/4 inch from the outside edge of each square.)

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