Hang this decorative wreath on your front door get your home ready for the holiday season. 

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Inspired by the North Star, this Christmas wreath gets its gorgeous twinkle from glitter-dusted pinecones and baubles rather than electricity. You can add some flash by weaving in globe lights for that extra wow-factor. Noble fir boughs were used to make this wreath, but cedar, spruce, and other fragrant branches with full needles would work equally well.


What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

Cut branches into 4- to 6-inch-long pieces. Gather into thick bundles, and secure with floral wire. Attach one end of the wire to form, a few inches below one of the star's points. Lay greenery so it overhangs the point slightly, and wrap with wire halfway up bundle.

Step 2

Without cutting wire, lay down another wired bundle so that it overlaps the previous one. Wire to form until you reach the point where star's arms meet; cut wire. Repeat on remaining arms. 

Step 3

If you're using lights (suggested for indoor wreaths only), gather bulbs into small clusters and weave through wreath. Pour glue into one bowl and glitter into another. With the paintbrush, apply glue to glass balls and the tips of pinecones; spoon glitter over ornaments while still wet.

Step 4

Attach the pick to each glass cluster and pinecone, and stick into wreath. Attach wire loop to back of form, and hang from nail or hook.


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