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Silver Mistletoe Chandelier

Fresh mistletoe lasts for only one season, but you'll be stealing kisses under this romantic chandelier for many holidays to come.

Source: Martha Stewart


Although it looks as though it has been cast from silver, the piece is made of faux mistletoe and dainty rice lights attached to a branch.


  • Floral shears

  • Tree branch, such as manzanita

  • Screw eye

  • Artificial mistletoe, Pany Silk Flowers, 212-645-9526

  • Metallic silver spray paint, in Sterling Silver, by Krylon,

  • Ceiling hook or nail


  1. Trim excess twigs from branch if desired. Attach screw eye to base of branch. Cut mistletoe into sprigs, each with 4 to 6 leaves. Remove berries from sprigs; reserve. Attach a sprig to the end of each of the branch's smaller branches with floral tape. Add more sprigs for a leafier look.

  2. Use floral tape to attach lights to branches (leave enough so cord extends beyond screw eye). Once lights are attached, pull ends of cord through screw eye.

  3. Cover each light with masking tape. Spray-paint mistletoe and branches; let dry. Snap berries back onto mistletoe if desired. Hang from hook or nail.

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