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Witch's Cauldron

Source: Martha Stewart


At day's end, the Wicked Witch of the Feast tents three long branches together. From the branches, she hangs a steaming pumpkin cauldron (filled with dry ice); flames flicker underneath (or maybe it's just a stake light covered with twigs). An owl hoots. She hunches over her creation. What happens next? Try it yourself to find out.


  • 3 long, straight branches (from which to hang the cauldron) and twigs (for the "fire") from your backyard

  • Large pumpkin

  • Keyhole saw or a serrated knife

  • Fleshing tool

  • Drill

  • S hook

  • Eyebolt with nut ZP, 1/4-by-4 inches

  • Washers and nuts, 1/4 inch, by Crown Bolt, from Home Depot

  • Outdoor stake light (with a yellow or an orange bulb), from Aubuchon Hardware,

  • Sturdy glass bowl, optional

  • Dry ice, optional


  1. Gather 3 long, straight branches (from which to hang the cauldron) and twigs (for the "fire") from your backyard.

  2. Cut the top off a large pumpkin using a keyhole saw or a serrated knife. Hollow the inside; a fleshing tool works well. Drill 3 holes equidistant from one another, about 2 inches below the opening.

  3. Prop the branches in a tepee shape, and secure them at tepee top with 20-gauge wire; thread wire inside top to hang an S hook. Conceal visible wire with sisal rope.

  4. Cut 3 lengths of sisal rope to hang the pumpkin. Tie 1 end of each rope to an eyebolt. Push eyebolts through the holes in pumpkin; secure with washers and nuts on the inside. Knot the rope ends together, and hang from the S hook.

  5. For a "fire," cover an outdoor stake light (with a yellow or an orange bulb) with twigs. Please make sure you use an outdoor light. Put a sturdy glass bowl filled with dry ice inside the pumpkin for "mist" if desired (wear protective gloves when handling dry ice).

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