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Seersucker Pillow Sleeve

Every year, Kevin Sharkey has a summer fling with cool, colorful seersucker -- and the easy decorations it brings to his home. It feels good, can vary in scale, works well with other fabrics, and lends itself to a lot of different forms, be it a bed skirt, a pillow cover, or a napkin. Doubling the sleeve's thickness gives it heft and will keep it from slipping off the pillow.

Source: Martha Stewart Living, July 2012


  • Seersucker fabric

  • Sewing machine and sewing supplies

  • Grosgrain ribbon

  • Snaps or Velcro fasteners


  1. Decide how wide you want the sleeve, and then measure around the pillow. Add 1 inch to length to account for overlap at closure. Using that measurement, cut 2 pieces.

  2. Pin together with right sides facing. Leaving a 1/4-inch seam allowance, stitch along 1 short and 2 long sides. Turn right side out, iron unfinished edges in 1/4 inch, and sew shut.

  3. Pin ribbon to long sides, with 1/2 inch of ribbon showing. Stitch in place.

  4. Sew snaps or Velcro fasteners to short sides, for securing sleeve around pillow.

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