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Festive Fourth of July Menu

Martha Stewart Living, July 2012

For a holiday table that feels as modern as it does festive, work in maritime motifs, and concentrate on two main hues: red and white or blue and white.

Get decor ideas for a Red, White, and Blue Nautical Party.

Party Planner

Be Resourceful

In lieu of a tablecloth, paint a drop cloth from a hardware store and anchor it with rope. Paper boats stand in for saltcellars, while beach rocks and seashells sub for bouquets.

Choose a Motif

Pick a graphic statement and carry it through. Here, stripes show up on napkins, drinking glasses, the tablecloth, and the serving platter.

Upgrade Cookout Classics

Serve hot dogs on grilled baguettes instead of buns; elevate potato salad with watercress and crisp bacon.

The Menu

Cucumber Cape Codder
Grilled Hot Dogs with Sweet-Hot Relish
Potato Salad with Celery, Cress, and Bacon
Striped Plum Tart

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