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Skipping wheat flour doesn't have to mean forgoing decadent baked goods. These rich, nutty brownies are irresistible -- and easy to make. Don't worry about specialty ingredients; these brownies use ordinary pantry items.

Source: Everyday Food, June 2012
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Cook's Notes

Cornstarch helps give these brownies structure, just as the gluten in flour would. Spoon and level it in a measuring cup. If you prefer, swap toasted walnuts or hazelnuts for the pecans. For a really sweet treat, serve these brownies a la mode. Store brownies in an airtight container, up to 3 days.

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  • janicemousseau
    29 SEP, 2017
    QUESTION - Is it possible to modify it to have no dairy in it? Maybe add more coco powder and oil?
    • katslp6435736
      23 FEB, 2019
      I have used vegan margarine and certified dairy-free chocolate chips (Enjoy Life) for wheat-and-dairy intolerant people, and they tasted just as good, but of course, I don't eat gluten, so maybe not as good as baked goods with what in them... but still good.
  • katslp6435736
    23 FEB, 2019
    This is our go-to brownie recipe when we go anywhere and I have to bring my own dessert (I have Celiac disease). My sister has gluten intolerance and get s very sick, so this is also HER go-to recipe. We bring these brownies to potlucks, to New Year's Eve parties, all over the place! And they disappear EVERY time. No one even knows they don't have wheat in them, they are delicious, and I am not missing out on anything. A-ma-zing. Thank you for this recipe!
  • caroldiff
    31 JAN, 2019
    My son made these for me when we visited and all of us rated them one of the top brownies we had ever eaten. I am the only one who has to be GF but everyone loved them. I have since made them whenever brownies are asked for and they are always eaten to the last crumb. I just like chocolate so I have never added the cinnamon. I do love the super chocolate satisfaction these bring.
  • mfbandit769
    2 OCT, 2016
    Really ridiculous. Gluten is a simple protein. IT will NOT MAKE YOU SICK unless you have Celiac Disease. IT DOES NOT HAVE FREAKIN CALORIES!!! UNLESS YOU ARE THE 1% OF THE POPULATION THAT HAS CELIAC DISEASE there is NO REASON to jump over the cliff like the other stupid lemmings pushing this nonsense that has no benefit. It blows my mind and other nutritionists that people are so stupid that they join this incredibly stupid "progressive" fad.
    • happysoul567
      29 DEC, 2018
      Well, excuse me. You OBVIOUSLY don't have problems with gluten. I am NOT certified Celiac, but I get so so SO sick to the point that I can't MOVE when I eat gluten, so you should stop. besides, these comments aresupposed to help people who want to see the recipe not just see your opinion on gluten Free people. I wish you would stop posting things like this.
    • FAW25057168
      13 OCT, 2018
      So insensitive of you to spend time bashing GF when you know that folks with celiac have to deal with their disease every day. My son has the disease, which is sad enough, and I don't want to see your ridiculous comments. Do you realize that there are many undiagnosed celiacs, and if it makes them feel better to just not each gluten, why should you care. If it is a fad to you, why don't you keep your comments to non-GF recipes.
    • cindydick9
      31 JUL, 2018
      I have not made these yet but my daughter does have celiac disease and it’s an autoimmune problem . Recipe looks great can’t wait to try it.
    • MS10875660
      6 JUN, 2018
      Why so Hostile over a Brownie recipe?
    • mknepple
      16 MAY, 2018
      I get annoyed at the cattle-mentality of the public, too, especially when it comes to food fads. However, celiac disease is only one reason to avoid gluten. I test sensitive to gluten, as well as wheat and some other grains (also tree nuts, dairy, eggs) and I have eczema (atopic dermatitis), which means that if I do not avoid these foods, I break out in a rash. So don't assume that celiac sufferers are the only people with reason to avoid gluten. Food sensitivities aren't any fun and I appreciate recipes that help me feel less deprived.
    • sharimangosing
      9 OCT, 2017
      'It’s estimated that one percent of the population has Celiac disease and one in 30 people have a gluten sensitivity–and eating gluten causes inflammation every time they eat it. ' This is not a fad! Gluten has caused inflammation, hives, and thyroid attacks. Since I have been gluten free, my lab results have shown a decrease in my TPO antibodies. I was a skeptic like you until I got sick! I don't have celiac disease, but I do have an autoimmune disease.
    • MS11367797
      20 MAY, 2017
      These brownies are delicious, and I appreciate that they don't require any special expensive pantry items. While I agree that an extremely low population is Celiac, there is a good number of people who could use less wheat and gluten in their diets. Get a grip, a life: stop being so rage-y and skip over these recipes if they don't suit you .
    • stardustdoegma
      6 APR, 2017
      I don't have celiac disease but gluten acts as a severe allergen to my body. It's not a fad, this is a true allergy- and there are more people out there recognizing their reactions now than ever. Maybe that means our wheat sources have been poisoned. I am so thankful for recipes like this and other gluten free options, stop being so angry and realize this is a true blessing in the cooking world for those of us who are truly allergic to gluten. You need to do more research on what the symptoms of gluten allergies are before bashing so much like this. Stop calling an allergy that can send me to the hospital a 'fad'. You're uneducated.
    • Jamie Cannon
      21 DEC, 2016
      These are the most popular brownies I have made for all of my gluten-eating friends. I don't think this is an appropriate venue for being so outraged when it doesn't sound like you even made the recipe. With or without pecans, and using just normal chocolate chips, these are always amazing.
    • marshameury
      30 NOV, 2016
      Regardless, these are delicious. I'm not GF and love them.
  • Nicoline Stengaard Aagaard
    19 APR, 2013
    Its very delicious, but it has such a deep chocolate taste that I would recommend it with vanilla ice cream or something familiar! But definitely great!
    • MS11461094
      4 JAN, 2018
      Awesome brownies-I subbed oil for butter and they came out super! Great way to make them healthier and diary free (same amount of oil as the butter in the original recipe)
  • MS11185364
    30 MAY, 2017
    These brownies are so easy to make and delicious. They may be the best brownies I have ever had. You cannot tell they are gluten free at all. Whenever I bring them somewhere people love them. So happy I found this recipe. This will be my staple for whenever I go to a party!
  • Jamie Cannon
    21 DEC, 2016
    Of 4 or so recipes I tried first, this is my favorite brownie. I am not GF, but I find these to be amazing. I have the most luck with putting them in the fridge to cool before trying to cut them into squares, and then they are super dense (takes some muscle to cut them), but they end up in great squares that way. With or without pecans, and using less expensive chocolate, these are always great. I sometimes bring 2 batches into work or bring a pan to a social gathering. So popular with everyone!
  • marshameury
    30 NOV, 2016
    These are amazing. They took 10 minutes longer in my oven, though. I also omitted the cinnamon and replaced it with espresso powder. Some of the best brownies I've ever made!
  • sandralynnshiel
    7 SEP, 2016
    I made these brownies yesterday. They are everything they are said to be........fudgy, decadent and moist. My kids love pecans, so I stuck with them, but any nut would be wonderful in them. The video is excellent and Sarah Carey is perky and inspiring!
    • cynthia51825
      3 OCT, 2016
      MS10766827, there are some of us who are gluten sensitive, as I am. Also, gluten can lead to some intestinal issues for some people. Perhaps you can just comment on the recipes you make instead of using this forum to belittle those of us who choose not to eat gluten. Thank you.
  • mfbandit769
    2 OCT, 2016
    Okay, I see you are pulling an "Amazon" censorship move by not posting my critical review. SAD!!!!

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