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Grow Your Own Herbs

Everyday Food, June 2012

Herbs are an easy, economical way to add fat-free flavor to wholesome summer meals. With a kitchen garden, great taste is always right at your fingertips.

Pick Your Herbs

Next time you need herbs, buy seedlings at a garden store instead of sprigs at the supermarket. Choose your favorites -- planting what you like to eat guarantees you'll make good use of your yield. Basil, parsley, and mint are all versatile choices.

Ready, Set, Grow

Plant herbs in potting soil in containers with drainage holes. Place them where they'll get 5 or 6 hours of sun each day -- close to the kitchen makes them convenient for cooking. Water often when the weather's warm, just until water trickles out the bottom.

Harvest Time

Herbs flourish quickly, so make sure to snip early (before they start to flower) and often (to encourage new leaf growth). Garden novices, don't worry: Generally, the more you trim them, the more flavorful and abundant the plants become.

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