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At Your Convenience: Frozen Orange Juice Concentrate

Known best as a handy, inexpensive alternative to fresh-squeezed juice, frozen orange juice concentrate is a deliciously versatile ingredient in its own right.

Everyday Food, June 2012

Juicy Story

Made by removing some of the water from orange juice, frozen concentrate has been a freezer aisle staple for decades. This potent, tangy flavor booster makes a great glaze for meat and fish, a fast marinade or dressing, a refreshing frozen dessert, and much more. For best flavor, look for a brand with a "100 percent juice" label, which means it has no extra sugar or additives. Stock a few canisters of the fruity slush, so you can get orange flavor and vitamin C in minutes -- no squeezing required!

Bright Ideas: Five Fast Uses for OJ Concentrate

  • Mix with tahini and toasted sesame oil for a tasty salad dressing.
  • Stir into sliced carrots sauteed with grated ginger.
  • Whisk with soy sauce to make a marinade for pork or other meat.
  • Blend with strawberries and yogurt for a smoothie.
  • Stir into whipped cream and serve over pound cake.

How to Use

Scoop out just what you need to thaw, then tightly cover remaining and freeze, up to 6 months.


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