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Allergen-Free Strawberry Cupcakes

Blogger Cybele Pascal ( remembers berry picking in her grandmother’s strawberry patch and shares a recipe for allergen-free strawberry cupcakes.

Mother's Day falls on May 13 this year, which also happens to be my mother's birthday. So I thought it only fitting to post this recipe for Allergen-Free Strawberry Cupcakes in honor of my mother, Susanna, for Mother's Day, as a double celebration of sorts. My mother also shares a birthday with my brother Dylan, so it’s actually a triple celebration Mother’s Day for her this year.  

Strawberries hold a very dear place in our family. My grandmother Catherene had a strawberry patch. Really, more of a strawberry field. We all lived together, grandparents and sometimes cousins, and I have very fond memories of picking strawberries with my family to concoct into an endless array of delicious creations. The strawberry patch was a magical place where I’d sit for hours, picking and, of course, eating one berry for every one that made it whole into the basket. Our strawberry patch was like something out of a Beatrix Potter book, complete with bunnies hiding under the large awning of the rhubarb plants that surrounded the field.

We made strawberry rhubarb pie; strawberry ice cream; strawberry compote; strawberry jam; strawberries with mint, Marsala, lime, and honey; strawberry shortcake; and strawberry pancakes, and I remember many an afternoon sitting with my mother on the screen porch, paring strawberries to eat sprinkled with just a little sugar. We ate strawberries in a myriad of ways, but I don't think we ever made strawberry cake or cupcakes. I can't imagine why not. Strawberry cupcakes are to die for. The fresh strawberry puree in the frosting takes buttercream to a whole new level. This frosting, straight from the berry patch, is bursting with sweet berry flavor. So. Mom, these Allergen-Free Strawberry Cupcakes are for you. I’ve found a new way to feature our favorite family fruit. And I’ve made them safe for as many people as possible because I think just about everybody loves a strawberry.  

With strawberry season in full swing, local farmer's markets are overflowing with these sweet little beauties. Take advantage of their cheaper price tag, and bake strawberries into all your favorite treats. Brimming with vitamin C and fiber, strawberries make these lovely cupcakes almost a health food! So pretty in pink, these gems are great for Mother's Day, birthdays, class parties, or an afternoon tea. And don’t forget your Memorial Day barbecue -- they are perfect for that too. Don't they look like they must be bad for you? Nope, 100 percent natural, gluten-free, vegan, and free of all top food allergens. Now, that’s a berry special treat. 

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