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Spray-Painted Tassel

With just a can of silver spray paint, you can transform a humble straw hat into a chic make-it-yourself accessory you’ll use all season.

Photography: Johnny Miller

Source: Martha Stewart Living, June 2012


Working outside to avoid breathing in fumes, quickly and evenly spray items you wish to spray-paint with silver paint (if spraying slippers, cover the insides with paper to protect them from paint), and let it dry for a few hours. For a more subtle shine, you can simply add metallic tassels to a woven bag. Use pieces on weekends at the beach or around town, and be ready for friends and strangers to ask, "Where did you get that?"

Get our how-to for tassels below. You can spray-paint more than just accessories. Dress up your storage containers with our spray-painted straw baskets.

Some of our favorite pieces for this project: Straw round market bag, Shapeable Lindu Western hat, Braided straw slippers, La Vie Sophia Moroccan basket, Raffia, in Pearlized Bright Silver,


  • Heavy card stock, cardboard, or foam board

  • Silver raffia

  • Silver thread


  1. Cut a board from card stock (ours was 4 inches wide); the board should be double the length of the desired tassel. Wind raffia tightly around board 14 times or until you reach desired fullness (tassel will be twice as full as the loop around board).

  2. Lay a 10-inch length of thread horizontally on work surface. Slide wound raffia off board, and center it on thread. Tie thread into a tight knot around middle of looped raffia.

  3. Pull ends of the 10-inch thread upward and the wound raffia downward. Cut through looped ends to create fringe; adjust into tassel shape.

  4. Cut a 12-inch length of thread to wrap tassel neck: Fashion 1 end of thread into a loop, then lay loop on tassel. Grasp the other end, and wrap it tightly around tassel and over the top of the loop to secure it. Wrap slowly, working from the top of the neck down, so neck threads lie evenly next to one another.

  5. After wrapping neck, pass end of thread through loop and gently pull loop closed, tucking ends into the head of the tassel. Trim tassel ends. Use the tie-off threads on top of the tassel to attach it to your project. For a how-to with step-by-step photos, see How to Tie a Tassel.

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